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The brand new Poker Galaxy !

Hi everyone !

Just a quick news to let you know that Rigged Poker International is now a proud member of the brand new Poker Galaxy Network !

The PokerGalaxy Network is a portal and network of websites that deals with poker throughout various forms and points of view.

The idea is to have a network of poker sites with rich content so that online poker players can get the most of their money and play a winning poker for sure.

What does it change for you? Well, actually, not that much... at the moment. Indeed, the other Poker Galaxy affiliates are french websites, written in french only. But we do hope we can get some english affiliates soon, so that you'll also benefit of the Galaxy.

What does it change for us? We hope it'll bring synergy between our websites and drive more users toward Rigged Poker International, just like Rigged Poker France did. More synergy equals more visitors. More visitors equals more content, included user-generated content, and also richer debates on Rigged Poker International.

So yeah, even though the Poker Galaxy Network is still in a very early stage regarding english-speaking stuff, we hope it'll soon make things better for us and for you guys.

Anyway, if you're curious about the whole stuff, you can visit the PokerGalaxy Network anytime, you're warmly welcome!

Also if you have a website and you'd like it to become a member of the Poker Galaxy, or if you have suggestions for the Network or for one of our websites, just let us know, either by comment or by email, we can probably work this out.

See you at the tables!

Random Room

24hPoker is a scandinavian online poker room.
In our opinion, scandinavian means less risks of rigging, because the companies there are more monitored than in many other countries, and because of the scandinavian culture which doesn't condone any form of cheating at all.

So all in all, although we didn't get a lot of feedback from...