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Downtime of the last few days

As you may have noticed, we have had severe downtimes during the last few days. I believe I owe you some explanation on what happens :
Being more and more successful, Rigged Poker was also getting increasingly slow to load, our server being clearly undersized for such a website. A situation we couldn't let go. So we decided to move to another server and, actually, another hosting provider... unfortunately, things didn't go the way we expected...

This is what happens when you try to get things cheap. Our new host simply wasn't stable and efficient enough, and had sh*tloads of problems of every sort that, in the end, made Rigged Poker completely unavailable to anyone but me (it took me a few days to understand). Well basically... our host was rigged!!

We're very sorry this had to happen, and we promise to try our best to avoid this situation to ever happen again. Long story short: We've moved again to a new, powerful (and expensive) host, put everything back in place, and everything should be running fine from now on !

Thanks for your time and support.

See you at the tables,

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