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Legalizing poker in the US: a response to rigged poker rooms?

This has been around since 2006 and surfaces again and again every once in a while : should the US legalize online poker with real money for the american citizens?
Indeed, as of today, playing online poker for money is still forbidden at federal level in the United States, and that also means that no poker room is allowed to operate from within the United States.

The problem is that american poker plays who do want to play online poker will do so, on any website willing to accept them. Which means, not always the most regulated and honest ones.

Would legalizing poker in the United States allow for regulated rooms operating from within the US and controlled against riggism?

This is the opinion of the "FairPlay USA" coalition, which advocates a controlled, regulated, thus legalized online poker industry in the United States.

Recently, this group gave its opinion, and said the following :
Americans, including hundreds of thousands between the ages of 14 and 22, spend as much as $6 billion annually on Internet gambling sites — some of which are rigged or otherwise fraudulent. (emphasis added)

Now, this is serious business : some of them are rigged ? Which ones ? We at Rigged Poker would sure like to know! We have our suspiscions but if they have more informations, let'em share it.

Anyway, this is definitely an interesting debate: many poker rooms are operating off-shore, far away from any strong regulation, in states where they can pretty much do whatever they want. No wonder some rooms happen to be rigged (Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet anyone ?), and some others appear suspiscious.

A strongly regulated poker business, with governments doing their jobs to control the way the rooms operate, would benefit all the players and not only allow american citizens to play legally, but also allow poker players in general to play a safe, honest online poker.

Random Room

PartyPoker is a well-known online poker room (listed at the London Stock Exchange), whose honesty remains mostly unknown.
PartyPoker never faced any rigging scandal, but they don't have wonderful honesty guarantees either.
Overall, it's a correct place to play at, with a nice poker software, but whether it is rigged or not remains...