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The Rigged Ultimate Bet story now in court

Remember of that story we already told you about?

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet were two rooms well known for causing outrage in the poker community, for one very good reason : they were rigged, plain and simple.

Yes. Those who tell you otherwise are wrong. Those who tell you that riggism can't exist in the online poker world are just plain wrong, and they're wrong in that very case: Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, two "sibling" rooms, were simply rigged, with what we call the superuser case.

Well, guess what? We've got some news on that story! We just learned that some victims of this huge superusers scam had just decided to sue Ultimate Bet. They will take them in court and ask for damages. Indeed, they claim they were stolen big sums of money that they didn't get back. And that now is payback time.

And indeed, important sums of money these are, since we're talking about more than $2 Millions USD, for 8 players, who got rigged and decided to sue Ultimate Bet.

Initially, the story was even bigger, since over $22 Millions were ripped off high stakes players. But only 8 of them just decided to sue UB.

Proving that they were ripped off won't be a hard task: this is a well-known story, and the whole cheat was largely admitted and demonstrated already. UB even agreed to pay back some of the players. But that doesn't mean the whole story is over. Indeed, the plaintiffs claim that not all players got their money back and, more importantly, that players were not able to redeem all the money they were stolen in the process. Apparently, the UB guys kept some of the bankrolls.

That's why eight high stakes player decided to sue the company behind Ultimate Bet (Excapsa Software), as well as filing "john does" complaints.
These players are asking to get back the money they believe belong to them. The problem being that Ultimate Bet is already half-dead after the whole Black Friday story.

These players are Daniel Ashman, Brad Booth (aka Yukon Brad), Thomas Koral, Greg Lavery, Dave Lizmi, Daniel Smith (aka KingDan), Joseph Sanders et Dustin Woolf.
These are all professional, high-stakes poker players, which were victim of a scam, victims of a rigged room.

This might help everyone remember that riggism does exist (unfortunately), that rooms should be regulated and monitored, and that one may lose tons of money to superusers or to dishonest rooms. So be careful when you play.

(Source: PokerStrategy.)

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