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Welcome to Rigged Poker International !

After almost a year of existence, Rigged Poker France launches its international wing.
Rigged Poker has been, for almost a year, the best website in french to analyze and talk openly about any question linked with rigging of online poker.

Is online poker rigged ? Our goal is not really to give a final answer to that question. Instead, we try to give room for debate, let anyone talk about what they witnessed, and try to analyze what's going on in the little world of Online Poker.

After one year of bringing the topic and discussing it in french, I, the webmaster, finally decided to launch an international wing.
The international wing more or less has the same content than the french wing, only translated to english, and open to international rooms (while the french wing is targeted to rooms open to the french players).

At the time of writing, Rigged Poker International should be considered as heavy work in progress. There is still much to do before we can brag about having a complete, fully working international website. I'm aware of this and working hard to bring you all the content and put everything in place.

If you happen to find french content in the international wing, please let us know, as this shouldn't be happening.
Also, since english isn't my mother tongue and we have no official translator, you may also let me know if you find any english herror (yup, herror: that's an Horrific Error).

But soon, when everything will be in place, players from all over the world will - at last - have a place where they can openly discuss rigging, whether they believe poker's rigged or not, but also find many informations regarding how to avoid troubles when playing poker, how to play poker risk-free, and so on.

See you soon !

Rigged Poker Webmaster.

Random Room

PartyPoker is a well-known online poker room (listed at the London Stock Exchange), whose honesty remains mostly unknown.
PartyPoker never faced any rigging scandal, but they don't have wonderful honesty guarantees either.
Overall, it's a correct place to play at, with a nice poker software, but whether it is rigged or not remains...