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PokerStars to buy all Full Tilt Poker assets. Now what?

Okay, so now what?

This time it's for real: PokerStars actually bought all of FullTilt Poker's assets. This means FullTilt is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PokerStars company.
As you probably alredy know, the fuss started when, due to the black friday, the whole world realized FullTilt was not only doing bad things in the USA, but also a completely rigged room regarding the way it handled the players' bankrolls.

So now, the famous PokerStars poker room bought it all. What does it mean? What will happen? Is it a good news?

Well, it probably is one hell of a good piece of news indeed. But a few details remain to be cleared.

Indeed, it should put an end to one of the longest, and darkest saga in the online poker community. Still, one has to notice a few details, and wait until the whole process is over...

At last, they did it. For those who just came back from a trip to the moon, let's just recall the events: basically, Full Tilt was in deep coma since the Black Friday, and so was all the players' money. Actually, what we discovered soon after that famous friday is that FullTilt was managed as a kind of ponzi scheme and that the players' money was just out. It had been spent (illegally), and just didn't exist anymore.

Full Tilt was broke, heavily indebted, and the directors had pretty much left the place with the cash. Not only that, it was also under assault from the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

This means that the PokerStars deal was not just a common takeover bid. It is actually first and foremost a deal with the DOJ, with several conditions from both parts. It also mean PokerStars will have to deal with giving back their bankrolls to the players, which is not an easy task. Finally, remained one question: what will PokerStars do with the FullTilt room? PokerStars bought FullTilt's assets yes, but Stars also have its own room. So will we have FullTilt back?

Well, the answer to that latter question is yes. FullTiltPoker.com and its room will be back. It will be ran independently from the PokerStars room. However, in most regulated markets (France, Italy, Estonia etc.), PokerStars won't seek a license to operate a FullTilt-branded room in these countries.

What about the US? The agreement between PS and the DOJ explicitly claims that PokerStars will be allowed to seek a license for both PS and FTP rooms when (if?) such a license becomes available. Until then, both rooms will remain absolutely forbidden to US players.

What about the money? Depends. Are you american? If you are, you'll be happy to learn that all the american players are on the verge of being wholly refunded.
Are you not american? You're apparently going to be wholly refunded too, unless you want to keep your money on FullTilt and start playing again, in which case you'll just get your old bankroll back immediately. Stars claims the refunds should come in the next 90 days, and that they're going to spend several hundred millions just fort hat purpose.
Are you in one of the countries where FullTilt should not come back? (France, Italy, Estonia, etc.). You should be refunded too. It may take a bit longer, as Stars has to work with local governments to organize the refund, but apparently, they are willing to do it.

And there's one more thing: Apparently, Stars also plans to compensate for the loss of bonuses: full tilt points etc.

Obviously, PokerStars really want to do it all the clean way. All players should be refunded, in the whole world, quite quickly. They seems to be willing to spend big money just to erase everything the former FTP management team did wrong.

This is great news well beyond the FullTilt players community. Because if Poker Stars really fulfill its promise, they will prove to the world that they really are a honest, trustworthy company. They will prove that to them, players' money is serious business.

Rigged poker isn't only about the cards. Rigged poker is also about the way the poker rooms handle the money. YOUR money. A room is rigged as soon as it does not handle your money the right way. FullTilt was rigged.

Whether PokerStars fullfil its promise, does as they said they would, remains to be seen. When will the players be refunded? How? Where? We shall see. But if they do as they said, they will prove that they are indeed not rigged, and that they're as clean, trustworthy and honest as a company as one can expect.

That would be great news for all the players around the world, including those who never ever played on FullTilt.

Now let's wait and see what happens.

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