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Rigging poker, cheating poker... when scamming comes from the players

We hear about those from time to time... While Rigged Poker mostly deals with rooms rigging the game to maximize their incomes from players, it also has to be said that many players also try to rig the games to maximize their incomes. And sometimes, they succeed big time too!
Actually, while most poker rooms rigging remains unproven as of today (although several hints points to this being likely at least for some rooms), many cheating scandals are now proven, and players should really care about that.

The latest news of that kind is about a german guy scamming several people by seeing their hole cards... and apparently he scammed them of quite a lot of money...

This german guy, named Maximilian Ashkar and living London, playing under the nickname mexx86, has been installing trojans on several players' computers to be able to see their hole cards.

Sources say that he ripped off no less than 350 000€ from two players (about $500 000 USD)... and that he probably scammed many more (at least two dozens) for about 1 Million of euros !

Victims comes from different countries and the scam happened apparently on PokerStars, but PokerStars isn't responsible for such acts of cheating.

While this kind of cheating only happens on high-stakes player (I mean, if you get access to someone's computer with a trojan, if he's playing only $1 SNG's, you'll get more money directly hacking into his online bank account than on pokerstars), it still raises the question of cheating on poker, and of how many players could be victims of frauds from other players...

While the trojan way of cheating is a bold one that would probably only affect high-stakes players, there are many more ways to cheat and some of them could very well affect "casual" players.

So while the question of rigged poker rooms remain important, we should really care about rigged poker players too. And next time you feel like you're losing too much for this to only be the variance speaking, ask yourself : Is it the room, or is it maybe some player(s) at the table ?

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