Is Online Poker Rigged ?:

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Is online poker rigged ? If you're unsure, why risk your own money when you can play with real money with no deposit ?

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Did you know you can play online poker with real money while still being 100% sure you're not risking one cent? Even if you suppose rooms to be rigged, you can still try you rluck, as long as you have nothing to lose!

This is what we concluded in our article about rigging of online poker rooms : There is no way to tell whether rooms are rigged or not. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. But in any case, if there is any rigging, it can only happen on a limited scale with limited effects, and good players will keep winning, and bad players will keep losing.

Whether you are a beginner, a player currently unsure about his skills, or a player currently unsure about the question of rigging, you may want to play poker online, and maybe win some money, while not risking your own.

Even if poker is a form of gambling, in which the very concept is that you risk money to win some more, it is actually possible to play and win while not risking your own money. Seriously!

But how can one play real money poker while not investing any cent of one's own money?

Here come a few ideas...

Play Freerolls

A freeroll is a tournament you can play for free, with no buy-in, and at the end of which there is something to win, whether it is real money, a ticket for another tournament, some fidelity points, or anything else...

Conditions, earning, ITM (In The Money) places, vary a lot from one freeroll to the other, but there are dozens of interesting freerolls from which a patient player can build a real bankroll.

Once the bankroll's built, you can use that money to play cash games, sit'n'go, or MTTs : you're not risking your own money anymore, you've got nothing to lose.

In most real freerolls, with no need for a ticket and no condition to enter, earnings are often limited. But if you end up at the final table, it can often become real interesting. Besides, it'll be a good free training for your poker skills.

Even more interesting, some freerolls open up the doors to more interesting freerolls, with much higher potential earnings.

Sometimes, a freeroll is the free gateway to a big tournament with big money to win. There can be a lot to win by playing such freerolls.

Free Bankroll / No-Deposit Bonuses

It may sound incredible but it's true... it's actually pretty easy to be offered some real money to play poker online for real, and win some real money!

There is absolutely no scam about this, it's really real money, and you can really earn money with it, and it will stay yours. Of course, there are often conditions to cashout this money, but nothing impossible. It's a real way of making money by playing poker, without risking a dollar.

I will show you two very different websites, who both offer free deposit bonuses (that is to say free bankrolls : they give you money and you don't ever have to spend a cent), so that you can play in "real money", free of risk.


PokerStrategy is first and foremost a free poker school.

PokerStrategy teaches you how to play poker and then, once you're ready, you get $50 from them in one of their many partner rooms of your choosing, so that you can start trying what you just learned. This money they give you is yours, as well as the money you'll earn with it, although you won't be able to cashout the bonus until you've played enough raked hands or tournaments.

PokerStrategy offers much more than a free brankroll, it's a very complete website wich might have you become a professionnal poker player. The offer is very interesting, not only for the no-deposit bonus, but also for the internal resources (lessons, free coachings, bulletin boards, hands analysis, videos, free softwares to better your play, and many many more), not to mention the many exclusive bonuses it offers (rakeback bonuses, exclusive freerolls etc.)

The icing on the cake, you even get a free software licence for PokerStrategy Elephant, an exclusive Tracker+HUD for PokerStrategy members.

In my humble opinion, this is undoubtedly the best way to play poke risk-free. However, you can't just register and gamble immediately. Once registered, you have to learn a few lessons, and prove you remember enough of them to start playing like a real poker player. THEN they give you the $50 they promised. It's nothing real hard but you have to know it.

Anyway, it's really a great offer in the little world of risk-free online poker. You really shouldn't miss it, since it's absolutely, completely free.

Register at PokerStrategy and get $50 in the room of your choosing.


BankrollMob is not a poker school, but it's still a great deal for poker players who'd like to play in real money for free. They offer many many deposit and no-deposit bonuses, in many different poker rooms, as well as in many online casinos and so on.

There many generous offers, sometimes as high as a $100 or $200 exclusive no-deposit bonus. And what's more, you can get no-deposit bonuses on EVERY room you're eligible to (depending on your country). Unlike PokerStrategy for which you have to chose one room, in BankrollMob, you can get the bonuses for every single room if you want to.
And it works, including in countries for which poker is often restricted (I tested, it does work, even here in France).

Another great way of playing Poker for free - thus risk-free. And you don't have to prove you've got any skill or learned any lesson before you can start playing.

Register at BankrollMob and enjoy numerous free bankrolls, deposit or no-deposit bonuses, in many poker rooms and casinos.

Many other offers

There are many other interesting offers if you want to play online poker without betting your own money. And we will, of course, update this page if we ever find any offer as exciting as PokerStrategy and BankrollMob are.

Random Room

PartyPoker is a well-known online poker room (listed at the London Stock Exchange), whose honesty remains mostly unknown.
PartyPoker never faced any rigging scandal, but they don't have wonderful honesty guarantees either.
Overall, it's a correct place to play at, with a nice poker software, but whether it is rigged or not remains...