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Still no cashout from Full Tilt - Another kind of riggism

We all know that Full Tilt currently tries to get back in business, and seems to be working hard at it, after a long period of downtime with no possibility whatsoever for players to cashout. Anyway, as of today, players are the ones paying the bills.
Full Tilt is actually one of the rooms that uses players' money to finance oneself, and when the business goes wrong, there's nothing the players can do to get their money back, because the room has used it already.
This is another form of riggism. It is less visible, but makes one rages nonetheless, and besides, unlike other kind of riggisms, this one is completely evidence-based.

This is not something that's supposed to happen. A good, honest poker room is supposed to put players money on a separate account, and is not supposed to use it to fund its own needs. The bankrolls are supposed to be on blocked accounts and ready for the players to cashout at any time.

We can all certify that nothing like this was done, and that once again, a poker room lied to players. We can all see that people who were blindly trusting poker rooms were wrong and got owned, and that even several independant regulation organisations (such as the french regulator ARJEL), supposed to protect the players against any form of scamming, didn't see anything coming until it was way too late.

This'll allow me to give again a few basic tips to people who don't like to get scammed :

- Don't spend money you'd need for other duties than playing poker. Only play with money you don't really need.
- Make use and abuse of bonuses, special offers, and if you're scared about losing your money for any reason (rigging, scamming, weak level, lack of luck...), use all the free bankroll / no-deposit bonuses you can find (such as the one offered by PokerStrategy), so that you can play poker without putting your own money at risk. For example, PokerStrategy offered a free bankroll for Full Tilt : people who used it to play on FullTilt didn't really lose money. People who prefered to make their own deposit did.
- Don't leave large amounts of money as a bankroll on a room, especially if you're planning to stop playing for a while. Before stopping, cashout! Besides, if you're one of the people believing in the theory of "cashout downsing" as a form of rigging, cashing out right before you stop to play will make you avoid part of the problem.

As a conclusion, be careful when playing, take advantage of all the offers that rooms can offer you. Use them, don't be afraid, as rooms won't hesitate about using you if they feel they need it.
Finally, don't put to much trust in regulators, even state-based and state-funded, as they often fail to see the shit before it hits the fan.

Take care of yourself, be careful, and play tight!

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