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Welcome (back) to Rigged Poker International !

Welcome back !
We finally did it. We now feel Rigged Poker to be ready for everyday use.

For those who don't know (yet) about us, I'll repeat from last news : Rigged Poker has been, for almost a year, the best website in french to analyze and talk openly about any question linked with rigging of online poker. And now, we're going international!

Rigged Poker International vows to be the best international website to openly discuss rigging in poker, honesty of online poker rooms, or related topics such as playing online poker without risking one's own money.

And from now on, we feel we're ready to go. We already have our articles online, as well as several online poker rooms with our advice regarding their honesty, and added bonuses so that you can play risk-free.

It doesn't mean we're finished with the website though, because we'll post new content each time we have to, and will not hesitate about blogging each time we get any news regarding rigging in online poker.

What we also miss right now is you, your feedback, and your comments! Do not hesitate! You have a piece of advice to bring over whether a room is rigged or not ? You have a testimony to give ? You want to discuss rigging theories ?

You are welcomed to comment on all of our news, all of our articles, as well as on all the rooms we give our advice about... because your advice does matter too!
And if that's not enough, you we offer open forums on which you can discuss on any poker-related or rigging-related topic of your choice.

Is online poker rigged? We'll tell about what we know. Tell us about what YOU know and about what you think!

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24hPoker is a scandinavian online poker room.
In our opinion, scandinavian means less risks of rigging, because the companies there are more monitored than in many other countries, and because of the scandinavian culture which doesn't condone any form of cheating at all.

So all in all, although we didn't get a lot of feedback from...